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What is train between stations?

Indian Railways is one of the largest railway network in the world. The first passenger train ran between Mumbai (Bori Bunder) and Thane on 16 April 1853, for 34 kilometers between these two stations carrying 400 people.

Under this subject "train between station", explain that when the visitor wants to plan their trip and search trains to their destination station with train seat availability between two desired station is known as train between station. Travelers can also check availability of the train seat.

There are two categories of train in Indian Railways:

  • Reserved Train: These are the major trains in India which run pan India and include every kind of trains (Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Superfast, Mail Express, Mail, Duronto, Garib Rath, Holiday Special, Janshatabdi, Luxury and Suvidha).
  • Unreserved Train: They are majorly Passenger trains and quite slow - moving trains, most of them have a stoppage at every next station of its route. The fare of these trains are very low and cost effective. The trains normally have unreserved seats but some overnight trains have sleeper and 3-tier AC compartments. These trains travel at the speed of 40–80 km/h (25–50 mph). So basically, one can sit and travel without reservation for the passenger train.

How to find train between stations?

Due to various busy congestion of the network, the traveler always faces great difficulties in checking the reservation and the seat availability between the desired stations for the journey on the portals of IRCTC or they specially have to go to the rail counter to do the same. So gives you the best hassle free way to check the seat availability in the train between the desired station.

Kindly follow the few easy steps to get the information about the seat availability on the desired train:

  1. First enter Source station (From where, you want to take the train)
  2. Secondly enter the Destination station (where you want to reach)
  3. Select the journey date from the automated calendar
  4. At last click Search

The trains will be reflected with train name and number, departure time from source station, arrival time of destination station and travel class which can be booked/ reserved online through IRCTC or from the Indian railway reservation counter.

Train between selected stations will receive following information:

  • Number of train that are running between the two selected station
  • Name of the train
  • Train number or the code of the specific train individual
  • Scheduled time of departure of the train
  • Scheduled time of Arrival of the train
  • Station name from the train has started
  • Timetable of the train schedule (weekly, daily or twice in a week , special, holiday etc)
  • Class of the seat availability in the train (sleeper,1st tier, 2nd tier or 3rd tier or chair car, etc)

Now if you want to check seat availability in train from the list just click on the Class. Current seat availability will be displayed in just one click. has always taken care of travelers and always tried to help them in a easy way to check the train seat availability.

  • First feature is Tatkal Quota Seat Availability:
    How to check seat availability under Tatkal Quota?
    • Select Quota from dropdown available just after Search Trains button
    • Now click on the Travel Class (1A, 2A, 3A, SL, etc).

    Tatkal seat availability will displayed with the current seat status.

  • Second feature is Available seats in train (Reflection of the seat availability in the selected train to further stations):

    Basically, this feature will help you to find the train seats available from your selected source station to the stations next to your destination of selected train via showing the seat availability, if any seat is available. It may cost bit high as compared to ticket to your destination, but will solve your purpose of urgent travelling with the confirm seat in train.

    For example: If you are searching a train between New Delhi to Mumbai and assume that you have selected shatabdi express. But unluckily you did not find any seat availability in the train from Agra. but if there will be any seat available from kosikala (which one station before Agra) then will reflect the vacant seat from kosikala and via this help you can book your ticket from kosikala and leave for your happy journey.

    Live berth availability will be displayed with the details such as status for the seat for given train for selected date and next few days. Indian Railway Train Enquiry works on desktop, tablet, smartphone and basic mobile. No need to go to station and face engaged counters and long line to use seat availability machines in railway station.