Train Between Stations

Train Running Status

Check live train running status of all Indian Railway trains online and on mobile with Etrains. This is one of the easiest and fastest way to spot your train live or real time and get live running status India. The latest train running information is shown via GPS tracker and navigation system, providing real time train status for all the travellers or passengers.

Etrains is user-friendly and fastest train enquiry application which helps users to find live train status online very easily. provides current running status and real-time train status queries for all the trains of Indian Railways in one click - NTES Train Enquiry.

How to spot your train online?

If you want to track your train location, follow below simple steps:

  1. Enter Train Number
  2. Select Train Start Date (date when train started from source or first station of train)
  3. Click Get Running Status button.

Running status reflects following information:

  1. Present train location (Where exactly the train is right now, from where train is departed or arrived)
  2. Estimated time of arrival (When train will be arriving)
  3. Estimated time of departure (When train will be departing)
  4. Which station is the next stoppage
  5. Between which two stations
  6. Train delay information (whether the train is running as per the schedule or running late).

Both Arrival and Departure Time are updated real time and reflects live train running status. It is very important for a traveler to know their train's accurate running status to ensure their comfortable and safe journey.

IRCTC Running Status works on desktop, tablet, smart phone and basic mobile. No need to call or face engaged dial tones of the Indian Railways Train Enquiry Office to get the running status of train.

Indian Railways is the fourth largest railway network in the world and has over 11,000 trains running per day. In a survey done in 2015-16, an average of 13,313 passenger trains ran daily, carrying an estimated 22 million passengers a day, covering over 7,216 stations.

Indian Railways is one of the largest railway network in the world. The first passenger train ran between Mumbai (Bori Bunder) and Thane on 16 April 1853, for 34 kilometers between these two stations carrying 400 people.

How to search trains between stations?

  1. Please enter Source Station Code
  2. Enter Destination Station Code
  3. Select Journey Date (date at source station as per train time table or schedule)
  4. Click Search Trains.

Trains will be displayed with the following information:

  1. Source station with departure time.
  2. Destination station with arrival time.
  3. Classes (eg. 1A, 2A, 3A, SL, etc) which can be booked / reserved online or from the Indian Railway Reservation counter.

Now if you want to check seat availability in any train from the list just click on the Class and get the current availability status in just one click.

How to check seat availability under Tatkal Quota:

  1. Select Quota from dropdown available just after Search Trains button
  2. Now click on the Class button.

Live berth availability will be shown with all the required details (what is the status for the seat for given train). Indian Railway Train Between Stations and IRCTC availability of seat(s) works or can be checked on desktop, tablet, smartphone and basic mobile. No need to go to station and face engaged counters and availability machines of Indian Railway.

In 1986, computerized ticketing and Indian Railways Reservation was introduced in India at New Delhi.

In 1993, 2-tier AC, 3-tier AC and Sleeper classes were introduced by Indian Railways.

How to check Indian Railways Seat or Berth Availability of train?

  1. Enter the Train Number/Name
  2. enter Source Station
  3. enter Destination Station
  4. select Journey Date (date at source station as per train time table or schedule)
  5. select Class
  6. select Quota
  7. click Get Seat Availability

Available seats will be shown with all the required details (what is the status for the seats availability for given train). Indian Railway or IRCTC Seat Availability works or can be checked on desktop, tablet, smartphone and basic mobile. No need to go to station and face engaged counters and availability machines of Indian Railways.

The total track length of Indian Railways Network is 119,640 km and total route length is around 66,687 km.

How to Check Indian Railways Train Time Table?

  1. Enter train number in Train Number/Name text box
  2. Click Get Time Table.

Time Table of the Train reflects following information:

  1. Train Name, Source, Destination, Train Type
  2. Days on which Train starts from source (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun)
  3. Stations or stopages with scheduled arrival, departure and distance in kilometer from source station

Train Time Table works on any desktop, tablet, smartphone and basic mobile.

What is PNR?

PNR is short name for Passenger Name Record. It is a record in the database of Indian Railways Computer Reservation System (IR-CRS) against journey details for a passenger or a group of passengers are saved.

Passenger's personal information like name, gender, age etc. is saved in the database against this reference number. It includes booking status and current status of the ticket (whether the ticket has been confirmed, it is on waiting list (WL) or it is under reservation against cancellation (RAC) or confirmed with coach and seat number).

How to check Indian Railways PNR Status?

  1. Enter PNR Number (10 digit without hyphen (-))
  2. Enter Captcha answer (if asked or captcha image shown)
  3. Click Get Pnr Status button.

PNR Status will be shown with following details :

  1. Train Number, Train Name, Boarding Date, Reserved Class
  2. From Station, To Station, Boarding Station, Reservation Upto Station
  3. Passenger count with booking and current status
  4. Charting status, Train status
  5. Additional information if any (eg. Journey Realloted/Upgraded in Upper Class from 2S to CC)

Indain Railway PNR Status works or can be checked on any desktop, tablet, smartphone and basic mobile.

Where to find PNR number on ticket?

PNR number is generally printed at the top left corner of the printed tickets (tickets that are taken from railway station booking window). In case of the ETicket (tickets that are booked online or through IRCTC website), it is mentioned at top in separate cell in table.