NAGPUR Railway Station Information and Trains for NAGPUR


"Nagpur Junction" (station code: "NGP") is a railway station in Nagpur, in the Indian state of Maharashtra.It situated at the junction of Mumbai-Kolkata and New Delhi-Chennai main lines.

Nagpur Train station is one of the oldest and busiest stations in Maharashtra, India. In 1867, Mumbai rail first connected to Nagpur. In 1881, Nagpur was connected to Kolkata via the Nagpur State Railway of Chhattisgarh. Prior to 1924, the Nagpur Railway Junction Station was located east of its current location. Nagpur Junction Railway Station became a major tourist destination.

Nagpur railway station receives two hundred and twenty-eight trains, with approximately 160,000 passengers embarking and disembarking daily. but it will be clean very soon and compete with other station.