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Running Status of PTG-PNBE DMU [73211] for 24 January 2018.
PTG-PNBE DMU [73211] is CANCELLED between PTG and PATNA JN [PNBE]   Refresh

PTG-PNBE DMU [73211] Running Status Information

StationSch DeptActual DeptDept Status
PTG 21:50 21:50 Right Time
PATNA SAHEB [PNC] 22:15 22:15 Right Time
GULZARBAGH [GZH] 22:21 22:21 Right Time
RJNDR NGR BIHAR [RJPB] 22:29 22:29 Right Time
PATNA JN [PNBE] Dest Dest Right Time
Last Updated: 24 Jan 2018 7:05