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Running Status of mca-hwh-local-38304 for 24 October.
Currently mca-hwh-local-38304 has Reached Destination (HOWRAH JN [HWH]) (On Time)
38304 Live Train Status information, 38304 Train Enquiry
StationSch DeptAct DeptDept Status
MECHEDA [MCA] 03:50 03:50 RT
KIG 03:54 03:54 RT
DTE 03:59 03:59 RT
GGTA 04:02 04:02 RT
BAGNAN [BZN] 04:06 04:06 RT
KGY 04:11 04:11 RT
BSBP 04:15 04:18 3 mins late
ULUBARIA [ULB] 04:19 04:21 2 mins late
PHULESWAR [FLR] 04:23 04:25 2 mins late
CGA 04:27 04:29 2 mins late
BAURIA JN [BVA] 04:31 04:33 2 mins late
NALR 04:35 04:36 1 mins late
ABADA [ABB] 04:39 04:40 1 mins late
SEL 04:41 04:42 1 mins late
ANDUL [ADL] 04:47 04:48 1 mins late
RMJ 04:57 04:57 RT
DSNR 05:00 05:00 RT
TPKR 05:04 05:04 RT
Last Updated: 24 Oct 2017 5:19

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