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Live Train Running Status of latur-cstm-express-22108 for 23 August.
Currently latur-cstm-express-22108 is Not Started from LUR (On Time)

Below is running status details for each station of train
StationSch DeptAct DeptPF
LUR 22:3022:301
HGL 22:4322:43 -
UMD 23:3223:321
BTW 23:5823:581
KWV 00:5500:554
DD 02:5002:505
PUNE 04:1504:15-
LNL 05:1505:15-
KJT 06:0006:00-
KYN 06:4506:45-
TNA 07:0507:05-
DR 07:3307:336
CSMT DestDest-
Last Updated: Not given