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Live Train Running Status of bkn---dee-sf-intercity-22471 for 23 August.
Currently bkn---dee-sf-intercity-22471 is Not Started from BKN (On Time)

Below is running status details for each station of train
StationSch DeptAct DeptPF
BKN 09:3009:306
NPS 09:5509:55-
SDF 10:1510:15-
SDGH 10:3610:36-
RJR 11:1211:12-
RTGH 11:4011:401
CUR 12:2012:20-
SDLP 13:1013:10-
LHU 13:5513:553
MHRG 14:2514:25-
RE 15:5515:557
GGN 16:3616:36-
DEC 16:5516:55-
DEE DestDest2
Last Updated: Not given