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Live Train Running Status of bju---shc-express-23226 for 23 August.
Currently bju---shc-express-23226 is Not Started from BJU (On Time)

Below is running status details for each station of train
StationSch DeptAct DeptPF
BJU 10:3510:35-
BGS 10:5310:53 -
SKJ 11:1711:17-
KGG 11:4511:45-
MNE 12:2312:23-
BHB 12:3412:34-
DHT 12:4812:48-
KFA 13:0013:00-
SBV 13:1013:10-
SBM 13:2313:23-
SHC DestDest-
Last Updated: Not given