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Live Train Running Status of bh---st-passenger-59032 for 18 August.
Currently bh---st-passenger-59032 is Not Started from BH (On Time)

Below is running status details for each station of train
StationSch DeptAct DeptPF
BH 06:2006:20-
AKV 06:2906:29-
PAO 06:4106:41-
HAT 06:5106:51-
KSB 06:5806:58-
KIM 07:0807:08-
KDSD 07:2007:20-
SYN 07:2907:29-
GTX 07:4107:41-
KSE 07:4607:46-
URN 07:5207:52-
ST DestDest-
Last Updated: Not given